Discover the benefits of our 4 main Beer Ingredients

1. FAEX EXTRACT: the base active ingredient of all our shampoos; contains proteins, amino acids, vitamins of group B and minerals.



- Skin: moisturizing, softening, soothing effect, recovery,

- Hair: conditioning, structure strengthening, renewal, increase in elasticity, protection, restoration;

- Scalp: normalizes oily scalp, helps fight dandruff.

2. BARLEY EXTRACT (HORDEUM VULGARE SEED EXTRACT): made from malt extract, rich in polyphenols, provides powerful antioxidant protection. The base active ingredient of all our shampoos is rich in proteins.



- Skin: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improves hair color,

- Hair: protection from environmental exposure, repair, conditioning, improving elasticity, reducing brittleness,

- Scalp: anti-inflammatory effect.

3-4. OATS EXTRACT (AVENA SATIVA STRAW EXTRACT) & OAT AMINO ACIDS: the basic active ingredients of all our shampoos, contains minerals and vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, flavonoids and lipids.



- Skin: anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, emollient, invigorating, antioxidant,

- Hair: conditioning, repair,

- Scalp: anti-inflammatory effect.

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